Beaucoup de ces voitures ont remporté des prix dans la peinture personnalisée Haut, peintures murales et graphiques dans Auto Salon, Summernats, Motorex et des centaines de salons de l'auto autour de l'Australie.

Au Airbrush avancée, nous offrons personnalisés de peinture par exemple Perles de Cristal de glace et de flocons jusqu'à illustrations personnalisées complet et graphiques. Wayne est titulaire d'un 3 Certificat en peinture Papiers & Graphics et a plus de 30 ans d'expérience dans l'art Custom Auto & Paint.

Wayne et son équipe d'artistes Ryan et Jeremy offrir un travail qualtiy élevé que les échantillons vu.
Ainsi que la production de l'art pour les voitures haut Afficher nous avons également profiter de la création de l'apparence de la voiture de rue qui fait de vous un individu. Ou qui se sentent coutume d'entreprise à votre camion de travail ou les prix van moyenne 1000 $ pour une peinture murale Bonnet à 2.500 $ pour capot spectacle de qualité.

Wayne est spécialisé dans l'aérographe vehichles Hommage pour ses clients et de travail plus tard Wayne est un ute un hommage à Lady Gaga voir ci-dessous. Son travail passé, vous verrez également ci-dessous avec les bandes qui signent les voitures hommage pour nos clients.


Many of these cars have won Top Awards in Custom Painting, Murals and Graphics in Auto Salon, Summernats, Motorex and hundreds of car shows around Australia .

At Advanced Airbrush we offer custom paint eg, Standard Colour to Crystal Ice Pearls & Flakes through  to Full custom artwork & Graphics. Wayne holds a certificate 3 in Paint for Murals & Graphics and has over 30 years experience in Custom Auto Art & Paint.

With Jason from Contagious Colour we also offer full Custom Spray Painting  including show quality restorations and Body Modifications. So our new ONE STOP CUSTOM SHOP. can offer all your top show quality modifications including Custom interiors & Sound.

Wayne and his Graphic Artist Terry may offer Creative Designs through to full custom production' 
As well as producing the art for Top Show cars we also enjoying creating the look for the street car that makes you an individual. Prices average $1000 for a Bonnet Mural to $2,500 for show quality.

                                 Wayne's ute crystal perl over red with graphics and art


   Tribute Kombi Rolling Stones /Doors - We have airbrushed every inch of the outside including internal panels & roof , the van has a new interior and awaiting a new custom motor.
                           Tribute custom vans and cars are becoming a new passion

    Tribute car of Valentino Rossi fully Airbrushed and painted in Blue Pearls (car arrived white)


    Hoodoo Gurus- Bonnet completed and signed by band for client - Wayne holding

    Wayne with the original band members of Hoodoo Gurus as they signed the bonnet

   Wayne's car repainted in Indian theme. See fine arts to see the close up of bonnet art.

   Sitting in the car is the band members from B52. Our Client is a huge fan and the band  has signed the car for him as the car is a tribute to the B52 band and was Airbrushed by Wayne Harrison

   This Kia Coupe was silver and was pimped up for Nova Radio station competition and included full custom interior , kenwood sounds system, speedy rims and crystal ice paintwork
    This car was original blue, there is now the graphics with a purple vanette from bottom and a single coloured flame from headlights painted by Wayne and Jeremy.

       Holden was Airbrushed by Wayne in Western Australia for a client. A tribute to Peter Brock a true driving lengend in Australia.


         Full wrap airbrushed theme of moutains and lightening in a single colour as requested.
       This is the car in production and below finished and cleared, there is a mural on bonnet







     As simple as Horses on a working ute to full Custom Paint , Murals & Graphics as below on RX8. This car Belongs to Wayne and already has had an art change to Indian theme


     All custom Pearls, Flakes and Colour Shifts  now Available for purchase at Advanced Airbrush "Airbrush Shop". Caol (02) 9832-7091 For Colour range availablity.
                             Tanya Lazarous promotional model & model on Wayne's car
                             Holden Ute with Dragon on front & Artwork on tailgate.
                   Grim Reaper is always a favorite for Cars & Bikes, this is on a bonnet of a car

                                 Maori Themed car with Graphic on sides to door             
     This car is silver and Wayne has themed it like a tarp is being pulled over a paint job. It is
a promotional car for Sem & Colour Horizons paint.

                                                   Airbrushed by Wayne Harrison


   Skyline Full custom paint by Advanced Airbrush , Colour shift paint used on this car was  Gold / Green / Burgandy Shift Crystal Pearl. See samples of paint colours at Factory. Many colours available. Price on painting car only on viewing of car, but welcome to come view range.
   15 Production Place, Jamisontown (Penrith)  Ph: 1300 733 165. Mon- Frid 8.30 - 5.30pm     Saturdays 9am - 1pm or by calling Wayne 0419 994050.

   WRX Graphics Designed and created by Wayne. Wayne has used multi effects within his artwork from the soft ghost flame in the orange to yellow blend , then blending into a bright pearl blue with a metal effect blades over the top giving the car a dramatic effect. The car was painted in House of Kolor and Dupont paints.


    Custom Celica Won Top Murals/Graphics Auto Salon 2007  Sydney, Melbourne  and now has just taken out GRAND CHAMPION MURALS & GRAPHICS at Auto Salon FINAL BATTLE 2007.
    UPDATE:  "Lord of the Rings" Car has just won Auto Salon 08 Top Murals & Graphics Sydney.  In total this car has taken out 78 Trophies. You must see it and his displlay next Auto Salon
    This car arrived at Advanced Airbrush silver and the client requested a Pink floyd theme. So it was resprayed black and artwork put together to refect the Pink Floyd feel in a full wrap mural.

   F150 Airbrushed with lightening theme for a business client, we have also re developed his
   logo and have placed this over the lightening on the doors useing a Chrome Effect.

                   This bonnet was Airbrushed for a lady who is a lover of Gecko's

               This is a top Street Car fully Muraled in Drag theme, the base colour was Grey.
Tiger on Holden bonnet


NEW!!!!! Full custom Spray Booth - We now offer Full Custom Work
including Crystal Ice Pearl, Flakes and many more on Cars, Bikes Full Custom paints and effects.

Tiger car with pink graphics
Blue car with clouds (this is a softer finish)
Artwork in self expression (be an individual)

Top Street Car/ Show in spider graphic and soft blends
VW with  Soft True Fire  front and dragon Mural on the sides

D sexy was painted to give effect of metal including the bonnet with Graphics
Scary has taken out Many top Mural awards in 2006 & 2007

Here is a car with graphics
This is produced using HOK allowing the deep rich True Fire effect.

 Ice Blue Suzuki in show
                                                             Ice Blue Suzuki now takes to the streets

           Hyundai Elantra in water theme with Mermaid on bonnet (Street Car but show quality)

Burgandy PT cruiser and Wayne did his special touch with Gold and reverse Flame
                                          Promotional RX8 now lives in Sth Australia
The undercarriage is fully airbrushed also with a cracking / larva effect. It  flows through the interior of the car. The new graphics on the side are based on a theme of breaking rocks
          This Car  Won " KING OF AUTO SALON" too many features to mention
                      The Artwork was produced on a bonnet and took 1 days to complete
                              This artwork was painted by Adrian and produced on bonnet
Corvette with flags Airbrushed on it.
Holden VR Acclaim , themed in full SPAWN Artwork
200SX with arwork based on Freddy the movie.
This is the old look for YLOOK. If you see it running around now, which is highly unlikely it is wild. It has a wild mural of a Tiger lying on its side with super bright sea scene behind it.

Fire and Blades
There is nothing we don't airbrush on a car. Here are the engine covers painted in the same theme as our new promotion ute.

Engine covers can be airbrushed along with any other part of a car
Wheel Cover Looks fantastic with water drops on leaves to add to the 3D feel.

This was one of our Promotional Cars you will see around.
It is a 2002 Hyundai Elantra. It has been themed up in Egyptian and has been named "Goddess", It has gold perl through it as well as a gold Flake. It is certainly something different.

"Psycho" won KING of Auto Salon 2001. We airbrushed the whole car, wheel arches, undercarriage, interior including the floor and rear around speakers. Not one part of the car dosn't have artwork.

   Golden Tiger
This car was 2 tonned at the bottom to allow the tiger effect, it was designed by its owner on paper then we reproduced it for him onto his car.

This car was painted in a full theme of Indians. It was produced over 1 week and is a full wrapp mural, it is also a street car but the first show it appeared at it won Top Murals.

This artwork was developed to give you the impression of a Polar Bear climbing out of the ice and ice running back down the doors.
This is a PT Cruiser Boot Mural. It is a city scene with a PT Cruiser driving through with its head lights on. Completed Mid 2002.
Going away from the usual lightning we have done a blue lightning on a white car. This has taken out some top awards in its first show for Murals.
007 was partly airbrushed at Supernats (Eastern Creek) and then finished at Auto Salon (Homebush) Sukuki Swift themed as 007 car with guns, fire and of course the James Bond girls.

Jetspeeds WRX "Top Gun"
This car was started at Big Boys Toys in Sydney 2000, it since has been one the most highly photographed cars around . Everyone was a little unsure with doing Jets on a car, but with Wayne forsight and creative talents he made it outstanding. He needed something to relate to the company's name "Jet Speed" what a perfect way to do this. This WRX has now taken out the "Sony Hot 4's Car of the Year Award 2001"

Wayne specializes in completeing Tribute vehichles for his clients and Wayne is now working on a ute as a tribute to Lady Gaga see below. His past work you will also see below with the bands signing the tribute cars for our clients.