Airbrush tuning car. Airbrush - Virtual tuning car.

Airbrush  tuning car. Airbrush - Virtual tuning car.
Airbrushing a car as elegant woman of high society - many want to be with her, but few can afford it. Those who still dare, cause others admired the attention. It does not matter whos eyes will fall on the painted car: the teenagers, who prior to the first machine more than one year, or past life on the side of the car retired or roadway oligarch. To take a look, appreciate everything, without exception,. Qualitative picture on the car - at the same time demonstrating its own flavor and a business card of a successful person. From a bad life now on the iron horse is not bought.
Now you have the opportunity to recreate their own dreams on your PC first using the "Virtual tuning car. Wiki For this you only need to show a little imagination and you can create a unique work of art without leaving home. And already, if youre going to go to the studio airbrush, you do not have to explain "the fingers" artist, what do you want from him. Use ready-made drawings, or use any you liked the image from your computer to make your car unique features.
Airbrush tuning car
On the disk you will also find:
• More than 50 ready-made airbrush actually existing machines
• a list of artists from all over Russia aerografistov
• More than 200 ready-made designs for use on the machine
• the ability to add their own drawings
• the possibility of applying vehicle graphics on the car in an external graphics program.

System requirements:
Airbrush tuning car
Requires: • Graphical editor allows you to create files *. tga (for full function of the applications own airbrushing a car
Operating System - Microsoft ® Windows ® XP \\ Vista
Processor - Pentium ® IV 1,5 GHz
Memory - 512 MB
Video - GeForce 6600 with 128 MB DDR-RAM, or similar 3D-accelerator ATI
Free disk space - 500 MB
Sound - DirectX-compatible sound card
CD-ROM - 24x
Additional software - DirectX 9.0c (available on disk)